We adopt a holistic approach when interacting with each individual, looking at each person and their circumstances. Often this requires resources to be allocated to general poverty alleviation, which is supportive of our main objectives. These resources inevitably include transport, hunger alleviation, access to libraries etc.

Our focus at the start of each year is to assist learners in preparing for the upcoming school year.

This is done by providing:

  • Bursaries for school fees, university or college enrolment fees.
  • Biannual clothing vouchers (R1 000) for school-going children to purchase school uniforms, school bags, stationery, casual clothing, toiletries etc.
  • Food vouchers for adult beneficiaries that need to provide for their families while furthering their studies.
  • Literacy and progress assessments to determine special needs and tutor requirements.
  • Private Tutors for children in need of extra assistance.
  • Learning type assessments and study courses to assist school children with study methods specific to their learning type.
  • Study material in the form of prescribed textbooks.
  • Laptops and cell phones for adult students to facilitate projects and connect them to online resources.
  • Basic healthcare such as eyesight and hearing tests to assist learners who require it.