We believe that South Africa’s economy becomes more productive as the proportion of educated workers increases since educated workers can more efficiently carry out tasks that require literacy and critical thinking. In this sense, early education is an investment in human capital, and in turn, a future state of the social and economic wellbeing of our country. It is with this in mind that we have invested in two ECD initiatives in Delft.

The community of Delft is considered a high-risk environment with high levels of crime, gangster activities, substance abuse and domestic violence. These social ills are associated with enduring poverty and have negative (even destructive) implications for the development and functioning of our children, families and schools in Delft.

Educare Centre 

Joyce Adams completed her B. Ed degree (with distinction) in 2017, thanks to a bursary provided by OASIS. She currently lives and works in the Delft community, pursuing a career in early childhood development by teaching those less fortunate at J.S. Klopper Primary School. Joyce loves her work and believes that helping others is her calling.

She provides a safe place for children in her neighbourhood to come and read each week and has recently renovated her home with the help of OASIS to offer more space for this.

“I am immensely grateful to OASIS for helping me fulfil a lifelong dream of helping my community by opening up a Rescue Centre. Delft is plagued with low self-esteem and unemployment, which lead to crime and hopelessness. The garage you helped me build on my property will help provide a safe environment where parents or guardians and their children can come and get advice and assistance with school projects, reading activities, and healthcare. Thank you for believing with me that all things are possible and for supporting me.” – Ms Joyce Adams (Delft community member).

Delft Multi-purpose ECD

To help significantly impact the quality of life of the Delft Community and the future of the youth of South Africa, OASIS NPC recently procured land to establish a multi-purpose Early Childhood Development Centre.

The acquired land is big enough for the planned project, can accommodate future expansion and sports facilities, and is accessible to the people of Delft and visitors via taxis and other public transportation. In addition, it provides easy accessibility to the site (main buildings and separate entrance for sports facilities to be used over weekends), is not in a hot spot for criminal activities, is close to the South African Police Services (SAPS) and has several schools in the area (within a1-2 km radius). OASIS will be responsible for the development of the project and obtaining the necessary funding for the effective implementation and maintenance of the building and the infrastructure.

We aim to establish, equip and resource the centre for 52 children and provide a space where community members can have an inspiring and safe environment to learn and grow. To achieve a meaningful transformation of lives in the community and increase our sphere of influence, we aim to become the ‘blueprint’ for other communities who wish to enjoy a healthy, accessible and liveable multi-opportunity community. Furthermore, we want to enable every person to access good education to ensure they are appropriately skilled for future opportunities.

Our partners for this project, Blue Bus Community Ministry, a Community Trust that have over ten years of experience implementing similar projects in the Delft community. Together, we aim to build resilient youth, resilient families, competent school communities, and eventually a healthy, positive, and sustainable Delft community.