OASIS is proud to support Wayne August and the development programme that he manages at Paarl Canoe Club. 

Een span

Wayne August is the head coach at the Paarl Canoe Club and also the coach and coordinator of the Paarl Canoe Club Development Program since 2003.

Request for support and sponsors

The Paarl development program currently has 30 young paddlers on the water every day. Through the paddling community we are aiming to raise funds through OASIS for:

General expenses: expenses such as petrol for every day practice, travel locally and nationally.

  • Maintenance of the Nissan bus
  • Finance for insurance for Nissan bus
  • Accommodating paddlers during certain events
  • Club and Union registrations for team members
  • Healthy and balanced meals for team members at meetings, exercises and training camps
  • Sponsorship of an assistant coach
  • Sponsor of a qualified driver of a second bus for transporting paddlers
  • Sponsorship of a facilitator for the after-school paddler program. "Not only to create champions in paddling but also champions in life" '
  • Guarantee for equipment purchase and equipment maintenance
  • Sponsorship of sports clothing, winter and summer wear as well as team wear.
  • Sponsoring a specific development rower: transport, meals, entry fees, club fees, canoe maintenance, equipment, school supplies, professional services to improve rowing performance.

SA schools champsDoneate today should you wish to support this exceptional program. It is making such a positive impact in the growth and development not only to the lives of our young paddlers but to Paarl and the greater Drakenstein area. 

From the Paarl Development Program, we cultivated the following national paddlers from 2001 to 2018:

  • Paul Lombaard: 3 x SA federation colors

1 x Youth Olympic Rowing, 2006 Australian Youth Games

  • Bjorn Bitcher: 1 x SA Federation colors rower
  • Wayne August: 5 x SA feather colors

1 x SA Protea colors

International Canoe Federation Official

  • Joseph Williams: 2 x SA Federation colors

1 x SA Protea colors (Marathons)

  • Diviano Pietersen: 1 x SA Federation colors
  • She-Earl the Way: 2 x SA Federation colors
  • Luke Stowman: 1 x SA Protea colors (Marathon)

2 x SA Federation colors

1 x Youth Olympic Rowing, 2011 Singapore Youth Games

The dream:

The Paarl Canoe Development Program was established in 1997 by a Paarl Canoe Club member - Robin Graves. His dream was to give children from disadvantaged areas access to canoeing as a sport and at the same time develop new, young talent for the sport. The aim was to promote canoeing as a school sport amongst learners from the surrounding Primary and High schools in Paarl and the surrounding Drakenstein area.

New Coach:

Wayne started paddling in 2001 after being inspired by young people in his community that joined the programme.

After 3 years, he took over the program coordination work, with the assistance of Herbert Conradie and later he was appointed head coach at the club. His role was to make sure that the development paddlers knew what time they had to be at the club on Saturdays, get refreshments for the races and keep track of who, what days they came to practice. Meanwhile, he obtained a driver's license so that he could drive the bakkie that WP Kano Union bought for the Paarl Development Program.